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Frequently Asked Questions - About Our Snow Removal

What is your experience in providing snow removal services? Our sister site Shovel The Snow has been providing snow removal services for over 15+ years, serving a wide range of commercial and residential clients in the Chicago suburbs.

What types of equipment do you use for snow removal? Our snow removal equipment includes the standard equipment such as: plow trucks, snow blowers, and shovels to ensure efficient and thorough snow clearance.

Do you offer 24/7 snow removal services, including nights and weekends? Yes, we offer 24/7 snow removal services, including nights, weekends, and holidays, to ensure your property remains safe and accessible.

What is your response time during a snowstorm or icy conditions? Our response time is typically within 2-8 hours after the onset of a snow event, and we adjust our schedule based on the severity of the storm.

How do you prioritize your clients during a snow event?
We prioritize clients based on the level of service they have contracted, the size of their property, and the immediate need for clearance.

Do you offer snow removal contracts, and what services are included in them? Yes, we offer snow removal contracts that include snow plowing, shoveling, salting, and de-icing as needed.

What is your procedure for clearing parking lots, sidewalks, and access points? We start with clearing access points and sidewalks for safety and then proceed to parking lots, ensuring a thorough approach to snow removal.

Do you provide de-icing and salting services as part of your package? Yes, de-icing and salting services can be included in our contracts to prevent ice formation and ensure safety.

How do you handle snow relocation to prevent pileup on-site? We relocate snow to designated areas on your property to avoid excessive pileup and maintain a safe and functional space.

What safety measures do you have in place to avoid property damage during snow removal? We use specialized equipment and take precautions to avoid property damage, including using plow blades that are gentle on surfaces.

Can you provide a clear pricing structure, including any potential extra charges or fees? Our pricing structure is transparent, and we will clearly outline any potential extra charges for services beyond the scope of the contract.

What are your communication protocols for keeping clients informed during a snow event? We maintain open communication with clients through phone, email, or text messages to keep them updated on snow removal progress.

How do you stay up-to-date with weather forecasts to plan for snow removal? We monitor weather forecasts through multiple sources and use this information to plan our snow removal operations.

Are you environmentally conscious? What practices do you have in place to minimize environmental impact? We use eco-friendly de-icing products and take measures to minimize our environmental impact during snow removal.

What is your plan for emergency situations, such as snow accumulation that exceeds the forecast?
We have contingency plans in place for emergency situations, ensuring a rapid response when snow accumulates beyond expectations.

Can you handle the specific needs of our property, such as curbs, landscaping, or multi-level parking lots?
Yes, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your property, including curbs, landscaping, and multi-level parking lots.

Frequently Asked Questions - About Our Ice-melt Distribution

What types of ice melt products do you offer, and which one would you recommend for my specific needs?
We offer a range of ice melt products, including calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and sodium chloride (rock salt). The choice depends on factors such as temperature, melting speed, and environmental concerns.

Can you provide product data sheets and specifications for the ice melt products you supply?
Yes, we can provide detailed product data sheets and specifications for all the ice melt products we distribute.

Is your ice melt environmentally friendly, and what steps do you take to minimize its impact on the environment?
We offer eco-friendly ice melt products that are less harmful to the environment. We source products that meet environmental standards, and we promote responsible usage to minimize impact.

Are your ice melt products safe for use around pets and vegetation?
Some of our ice melt products are pet-friendly and less harmful to vegetation. We can recommend the best option based on your specific requirements.

What is the minimum and maximum order quantity for ice melt products?
Our minimum and maximum order quantities vary depending on the specific product you choose. We can discuss your needs and provide guidance.

How do you handle large or bulk orders of ice melt, and do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?
We have the capacity to handle large bulk orders, and we do offer discounts for larger volume purchases. Our sales team can provide pricing details.

Do you provide options for different packaging sizes, such as bags, totes, or bulk delivery?
Yes, we offer a variety of packaging options, including small bags, large bags, and bulk delivery, to meet your specific preferences and needs.

Can you offer customized ice melt solutions or blends tailored to specific weather conditions or property requirements?
We can provide custom ice melt blends to meet specific requirements, such as extreme cold resistance or low environmental impact.

What is the shelf life of your ice melt products, and how should they be stored to maintain their effectiveness?
The shelf life varies by product, but proper storage in a dry, cool place can help maintain product effectiveness. We provide storage guidelines.

Are your ice melt products effective in extreme cold temperatures, and if so, what is the temperature range they can handle?
Our ice melt products are effective in a wide temperature range, some down to -25°F (-32°C) or lower. We can recommend the best product for your specific climate.

How do your ice melt products compare to traditional rock salt (sodium chloride) in terms of melting capacity and efficiency?
Our ice melt products are often more efficient and have lower application rates compared to traditional rock salt. They can melt ice faster and at lower temperatures.

What are the delivery options for ice melt products, and do you offer delivery tracking?
We only offer local delivery in Chicago and the suburbs, your products will be dropped off by either van or truck depending on the order placed.

Are your ice melt products easy to spread evenly, and do you offer application equipment or guidance for effective spreading?
Our ice melt products are designed for easy spreading, and we can provide guidance on effective application. We can also recommend suitable application equipment.

What are the potential risks or safety concerns associated with your ice melt products, and how can they be mitigated?
Potential risks may include skin irritation or damage to surfaces if not used properly. We provide guidance on safe usage and mitigation measures.

Can you explain the pricing structure for your ice melt products, including any volume discounts or special offers?
Our pricing structure is transparent, and we offer volume discounts for larger orders. Special offers and discounts are available seasonally.

Is there a minimum contract duration for regular ice melt supply, or do you offer flexible ordering options?
We offer flexible ordering options and do not impose a minimum contract duration for regular ice melt supply.

What is your procedure for handling emergencies, such as sudden snowstorms or increased demand for ice melt products?
We have a contingency plan in place to ensure a rapid response to emergencies, ensuring that we can meet increased demand during severe weather events.

How do you keep your clients informed about product availability, pricing changes, or new product offerings?
We maintain open communication with clients through email and phone, keeping them updated on product availability, pricing changes, and new product offerings.

Are you open to establishing long-term partnerships with clients, and if so, what benefits do you offer for ongoing relationships?
We welcome long-term partnerships and offer benefits such as preferred pricing and priority access to products.

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