Our Rock Salt is a commonly-used commodity in winter to help melt ice on sidewalks and driveways. We provide a wide variety of ice melt products available in stock for both delivery and pickup.

Salt Available In 50 Lb Bags or Pallets Quantities

Salt is available in 50 lb bags or pallets quantities. A 50lb salt bag can be purchased in order to use for residential buildings, while large pallets are often used in larger industries.  Supplier offers a variety of options for ice melt from pelletized, to bulk bags, and pallets. Our ice melt solutions can be purchased in 50 lb. bags or by the pallet, and can be sold in multiples of any combination. Bulk bags of ice melt are available in 50 lbs sizes with a minimum order of 10 bags, with discounts applied at 10+ quantities. Our team can deliver locally to Chicago and surrounding suburbs for a flat fee.

What we offer:

ice-away ice melt

IceAway® Rock Salt Ice Melter - 50 lb. Bag

IceAway® Rock Salt packaged ice melter is the reliable and economic solution for winter weather. With the ability to melt ice down to +5ºF, IceAway Rock Salt packaged ice melter is ideal for sidewalks, steps, and driveways.

Core® Multi-Power Ice Melter - 50 lb. Bag

CORE Multi-Power Ice Melt begins melting ice and snow immediately on contact to -10°F. It is a calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride crystals, and corrosion inhibitor ice melter. CORE Multi-Power Ice Melt can be applied directly on ice or snow.

core ice melt

Safe Step® 8300 Mag Chloride Ice Melter - 50 lb. Bag

Safe Step Mag Chloride 8300 made with 100% magnesium chloride hexahydrate is a safer alternative to sodium chloride, which can leave residue and stains. Effective on sidewalks, steps and driveways even under the most frigid conditions up to -15°F.

Peladow® Calcium Chloride Pellets Ice Melter - 50 lb. Bag

PELADOW™ Premier Snow & Ice Melter is an exceptional deicer because it melts snow and ice faster than other products on sidewalks, steps and drives, and has the ability to prevent ice-related accidents. It is effective down to -25°F and will not harm concrete, asphalt or other surfaces.

peladow ice melt