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Land of Snows is a local company that provides Maywood ice melt delivery services to commercial, residential, and industrial customers for their ​icy sidewalks or driveways

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A new service, which created in response to the increased interest in “going green,” is the ice melt delivery service. This company provides a truck and driver to deliver an environmentally-friendly product for dealing with snow and ice on your driveway and sidewalk. The vehicle will deliver a product that is made of potassium chloride, which is the main ingredient in most rock salt products.

Our Maywood Ice Melt Delivery Service Company is a cutting-edge company that provides ice melt and other services, such as sand and salt delivery, to commercial buildings. In conclusion, if you are looking for an ice melt delivery service company, we would be happy to help. We provide a wide range of ice melt products that will be sure to meet your needs.  Ice melt can be delivered in a number of ways, including trucking ice from where it’s mined to the destination; storing it at the destination; and using sub-zero technology to create blocks for storing.

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Maywood Salt Delivery Service

Land of Snows is a company who provides access to the best ice melt at affordable prices. They offer low monthly rates, bulk discounts, and free delivery for your convenience. When it comes to winter weather, you will want the best protection for your footing. Getting covered with snow or slush can be painful and inconvenient as if not as bad as falling on ice and snow which can lead to injury. Ice melt is an inexpensive way to keep sidewalks and pathways clear all winter long.
The Ice Melt Delivery Service Company provides an environmentally friendly, convenient, cost-effective solution to the icy hazards that come with winter. Our company can respond quickly to a quote or estimate on the salt products taht you may need for your residential or commerical properties. Our bags of salt are the most efficient and economical on the market, using up to 75% less salt than conventional methods.

The team at Land of Snows provides ice melt delivery service for homes and businesses in the Chicago area. The company believes your winter-time safety should be of utmost importance. They offer convenient ice melt deliveries to make sure you never have to worry about what you need to do to ensure the safety of your home or business. For more information on how they can help keep you safe during the winter months contact us today!

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